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The Ripple Effect

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

What will you gain by completing one action toward one of your goals? How will that action benefit you in the long-term? What will achieving that goal mean for the rest of your life? How will it affect you? What will it cost you if you do not take some form of action?

When you throw a pebble into water then both the immediate and surrounding water moves due to the impact that the pebble has made upon the surface; the size of the pebble and the power of the throw determine how visible the ripples are in the water. The taking of action can be likened to the pebble; both cause a significant change in state in one specific area. Yet, the impact and potential benefits of the action are widespread, similar to the ripples in the water. So there is movement radiating from one change and if we pause for long enough then we can see that if we took one action or numerous actions then they can change our mind-sets or perspectives or provide us with further information to help us make better choices in the future. Our actions over time have the capacity to shape an entirely different frame of mind, which in turn can form new behaviours and new habits and therefore change the rest of our lives. It all starts with a thought and then the pursuit of that thought into action.

When we take any form of action or make any type of change then it has a ripple effect, whether it is small or large, across other areas of our lives. The smaller changes perhaps can seem insignificant in isolation, almost as though they did not hold great value. However, I suggest that when you look more closely, you will notice that your various actions have invoked changes that are in fact intrinsically linked and which have consequently had an extensive impact when looked upon as a whole.

Life is a collection of actions and changes. By continuously committing to taking some form of action then we create our own momentum and drive that is dependent on no-one. But you have got to want to be in pursuit, you have got to want to chase those ideals because it will take time, energy, passion and persistence to keep persevering through both the easy and the challenging times. Yet, if you make a commitment to self-development and seek out tasks that will move you forward and generate a greater knowledge base, then you will start to notice how the changes in one area of your daily life extend beyond your original expectations and perceptions.

Let us be honest, we do not know anything for definite until we try; we have to work in order to gain. We can guess and we can speculate about how certain behaviours or actions or attitudes will have an impact on our lives but we will not have certainty until we do something. So we need to have energy and resilience to keep trying and to keep searching for possibility. The possibilities that we generate from our commitment to action enable us to develop an enthusiasm for life that spurs us on to continue moving.

We have the capacity and the ability to develop an appetite for life when we engage our minds in a creative state. There will be opposition and challenges but if we are open and creative with our thinking then the effort required to take one action a day is more than worth it because of what we will begin to achieve and ultimately create for the rest of our lives.

Do you want to look back and think ‘I wish I had put in the work to make those changes that would have payed dividends in the long-term’? Defeat will come but so will triumph; any action has an impact. We must have the courage to learn and understand how the ripples of our actions are of greater value in our development than stagnation.

Coach Kat

(c) Katrina Ramsden

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