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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

The coaching process is dependent on a client’s willingness to be open and honest in exploring what they want to achieve and to take responsibility to instigate the changes that they wish to make. At the centre of my coaching approach is my client’s willingness to learn and develop their own thought processes and strategies to find solutions to their desired outcomes. If you decide that coaching is for you and that I am the professional to coach you, then these are but a few of the strategies that I will apply when coaching you;

  • Purposeful questions that seek to generate quality answers which form structured conversations

  • Encouragement and enthusiasm for you to express your aims so you can establish goals to reach your full potential

  • A non-judgemental environment to articulate and prioritise what you want to achieve in your life

  • Empowerment to make your own decisions and to find solutions by not providing my opinions

  • Dependency on your own resources

  • Definition of what is and is not in your sphere of control

  • Exploration of possibilities in a creative space

  • Development of commitment to yourself to take action by asking you to decide and create your own action plan at the end of every session

  • Reflection time to learn and discover your own answers through the appropriate and comfortable use of silence

  • Celebration of your achievements and further challenge to stretch your self-development.

If you desire to make changes in an area or in various areas of your life, then my coaching conversations can help you to develop a mixture of attributes and skills so that you can start to build a versatile and self-reliant mind-set to facilitate your journey of change:

  • Self-awareness

  • Autonomy

  • Options

  • Structured approach

  • Reflection

  • Positivity

  • Clarity

  • Knowledge

  • Openness

  • Learning

  • Focus

  • Exploration

  • Ownership

  • Understanding

  • Challenge

  • Empowerment

  • Commitment

  • Strategies

  • Self-direction

  • Action planning

  • Understanding

Don't wait, take action today and contact me today to start your coaching journey! What benefits will you experience?

My motto: I will find the positive in any experience and use it to create my next move.

Coach Kat

(c) Katrina Ramsden

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