"Find out what you value so that your actions have greater purpose"

Coach Kat

A little bit about me...

I have always had a curious nature and an instinct to delve deeper for answers, which naturally led me to understand the value in being coached and coaching others. The willingness to keep learning has enabled me to achieve a Distinction in Personal Performance Coaching. By understanding my motivations I have been able to make further life changes, so that I am continuously moving forward to achieve my personal life goals.

For me, the term ‘goal’ means an 'objective' or a 'project' which gives me a focal point to keep moving toward and achieve. Sometimes setting goals can seem overwhelming, but with the benefit of my focused coaching you will identify your underlying motivations and they provide you with a greater sense of purpose. What I want to share with you is my motivational mind-set and my enthusiasm to help you explore and concentrate on what is going to motivate you into action; empowering you to create change.


Awarded a Distinction: Personal Performance Coaching

My flexible coaching style provides you with the freedom to explore what is blocking your motivation to start and sustain the changes you want to make in your life and help you to create habits that regain and maintain your will power. I believe that the most powerful changes come from first understanding your 'why' behind your change (goal) and secondly, believing that you have the power to make and take purposeful actions. When open and committed to learning, the insights and knowledge that you gain from your coaching journey will last a lifetime.


Through my journey, I have become aware what my biggest motivators are, and how I can use them to overcome any tough times I might experience whilst working toward my lifestyle changes. I know the resources I need to sustain my motivation and resilience levels so that I approach my life projects with a proactive and creative mind-set, whatever the circumstances might be.


Reflection and development are at the heart of my coaching style, alongside an upbeat approach to coaching and life! If you are waiting for a perfect time where there are no challenges to overcome, then I say that's procrastination and doubt talking. The future is yours to shape and you begin by accepting that you have to find your motivation and start working now on the life areas you want to change. 


So, if whilst reading this your thoughts started to stir and your motivation gauge flickered, then please contact me today for an initial chat and let's discover how coaching can benefit you.


Coach Kat Commitment Statement:

I am passionate about coaching and in all of my sessions I will always strive to;

  • empower my clients to identify and increase their motivation

  • be a catalyst for future focused change through active listening and asking open-ended questions that help clients clarify and articulate their goals

  • facilitate each clients learning and develop their personal power by passing no personal judgement

  • provide a confidential environment whereby my clients have the freedom to explore, reflect and form an action plan that instigates changes in their lives

  • generate self-awareness in my clients by feeding back what I hear without my personal opinion 

  • challenge my clients to overcome any potential self-limiting beliefs that could be a hinderance.