"Being coached by Kat has had a positive effect on me. I have made significant improvements to my life and wellbeing as a result; ranging from improving domestic aspects of my life to much more significant career goals. Kat is a hardworking, caring and very competent coach; I thoroughly recommend her services." Mel


"Like everyone I have many things I’d like to achieve, change or just deal with, but for me planning for, and visualising, the future is not a strength (although procrastination clearly is!) As a result I felt that I’d not achieved as much as I’d like to have done over the years. Being coached by Kat had been an amazing and highly beneficial experience.

My sessions with her have given me the time to really think and work out what is important to me, what I need to focus on and recognise the consequence of taking or not taking action. She’s helped me recognise my past successes (far more than I had ever realised) and when I’m limiting myself because of beliefs which are no longer, or were may be never true.

As a result of her coaching, my work / life balance has improved significantly and I’m closer to my dream of having a portfolio of work which I can complete in any location." Pauline
"Being coached by Kat has been a great experience. She has helped me gain confidence in my abilities. The best thing about being coached by Kat, is that during the session she makes sure she listens to all you have to say and the flow of the session seems like a conversation.

Kat is very meticulous and I have appreciated her probing deep and helping me realise that I can do things I otherwise would not have thought of. I have been coached by several people, but none of them have been as impactful as Kat.  If you want to be empowered to achieve your dreams then being coached by Kat probably should be the first stop on your journey.
From session one you will be walking away with tangible goals that you would be motivated to achieve. I highly recommend working with Kat to be your best and achieve your best." Aran
“Being coached by Kat over the last few months has been invaluable to my personal and professional growth, development and happiness. She is an excellent listener, kind, warm, clear, inquisitive and her guidance is so precise in helping you to unpick your specific issues, clarify your aims and break down the steps to realise them.
I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together - we have laughed a lot! - and I would highly recommend her as a coach!" Happy Client