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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

I believe that greater self-awareness generates the desire for change and change, moves us toward reaching our full potential. When we know what drives us, what motivates us, then we can take actions that enable us to live extraordinary and fulfilling lives.

Coaching is a process that facilitates an individual's desire for change; self-development through conversations and action plans. If you desire to make changes in an area or areas of your life then open and honest coaching conversations can help you to develop a mixture of skills to enable you to build a versatile and self-reliant mind-set to facilitate your journey of change.

There are various models that can be used when coaching, such as the GROW Model, and they enable a structured and purposeful conversation to unfold throughout the coaching sessions. Coaching models like GROW help to ensure that the coaching conversations remain focused whilst still allowing for exploration in the client's topic of choice. When I coach I use this model with a degree of flexibility so that my clients are able to develop clarity around their goals and self-learning not only through their answers, but through their own reflections so that they become empowered to create an action plan that will move them closer toward their desired outcome.

Based on the GROW Model by Graham Alexander, Alan Fine & Sir John Whitmore

During my coaching conversations my clients dictate the topic(s) that they wish to pursue and I, as the Coach, manage the process so that my clients explore each of the following stages;

- Identification of topic area

- Breaking down of topic into a series of manageable goals or objectives

- Raising self-awareness of their current thinking styles, patterns, behaviours, habits, interactions, resources, support mechanisms, skills and successes

- Considering possible solutions from different angles, perspectives and viewpoints to generate their own diverse and boundless options

- Taking responsibility and creating their own plan of action to move toward their self-identified goal

- Reflecting on what they have learnt about themselves and their situation through coaching.

Coach Kat

(c) Katrina Ramsden

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