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Knocked Off Balance

What has have knocked you off balance? What has distracted you from getting to your objective?

I don’t know about you but I find that, more often than not, life can literally throw you curve balls that take a split second to knock you off balance. You blink and then your whole world turns upside down, or perhaps you have turned upside down; the result has the same effect. Somehow you have a new set of circumstances that seem to take you further away from where it was you were heading.

Blink – curve ball. Metaphorically you are somehow in the water frantically looking around for a life jacket or a dingy, if you are lucky enough to have either of those sail toward you. For myself, I seem to have been there many times; sailing on calm waters before being tossed into the sea of life by life. I think it’s what they mean when they say ‘life challenges’. We all face them, regardless of how hard we try and protect ourselves. We can try so many ways to avoid them and the negative emotions they bring but sometimes it is inevitable; the high and the low are a pair. We know one because of our experience of the other.

So I guess, despite whether we like it or not, we have to experience some painful times. The worst of cause is the one that catches you on the blind side, when you least expect it and, therefore, when your guard is down. That’s when it is a struggle and the hardest part is not letting it consume you. Not letting the hurt and the fear of hurt win, because if it does then you stop moving and you don’t experience more of what life has to offer. Life is vast and it is colourful because of the experience and challenges that we face.

I have faced a number of challenges and some of them have stopped me dead in my tracks; I haven’t known what to do. Sometimes the answer isn’t immediately obvious to us and it takes time to figure it out. You have to step to your own pace and not take yourself fully out of the game. Let me repeat ‘step to your own pace’. Why? Because the answer can be worked out by you and it’s waiting there to be found; you are just gathering your courage to start searching harder and longer for it.

We all have those moments when we are knotted by fear and indecision, that’s when life is asking us to grow. You got to dig deep to find the courage and the strength to create the right version of life for you. Also, you have to be honest. Being honest with yourself and those around you can be life’s greatest challenge. Why? Because it means being true to you, it means being authentic even if it means that you go against the crowd’s thinking or other’s opinion of you. Being honest all the time means that you aren’t hiding, you are not pretending to be something that you are not in order to please others and be given their acceptance. No, I say be true to you and what you value. Where you need to grow then grow. Where you need to work on yourself then start developing your development. Hear this; identify what is right for you so that when life’s challenges come knocking you have the means, or at least some of them, to face the adversity and experience the joy (the latter might come later). To be honest enough and courageous enough to say, this is unexpected but I’m going to work to figure it out regardless of how difficult it seems. That brings the power and motivation back to you.

We can all activate that thought process within ourselves because there is potential in all of us. Fear and hurt will come, it’s part of life, but we all have courage and strength to see us through the storms. The human spirit is truly amazing, history teaches us that. Sometimes we forget that we can work out strategies to tap into our unique energy and keep us moving forward to where we want to ultimately be.

Coach Kat

(c) Katrina Ramsden

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